Fellépők, előadók

Falconry Order

The members of the Falconry Order from the formation of the organization in 2016 have been trying to show people the falconry, a traditional hunting method. They can be seen on different cultural, traditional and hunting days and events to show the inquiring a part of our world heritage, the legacy of our ancestors: the Hungarian falconry.

Kurul Drummers

The „Kurul Dobosok” (Kurul Drummers) have formed in the beggining of May 2009, the founders were Nóra Barczi, Zsolt Barczi, József Kirigucz and Zsolt Moldován. Soon enough Zalán Várhelyi and in May László Vámosi joined them. After László Vámosi quitted in 2015, Tibor Okos folk-musician joined the band.

Huns of Csókakő

The Csókakői Hunok (Huns of Csókakő), in their performances, like to draw the attention of their audience with martial and weapons presentation, but they also like to introduce the inquiring to the secrets of the Hun cooking. Besides all of this they prepare falconry shows, creative crafts programmes, fire-shows and dancing.

Whip Show

András Király and Gergő Anka are doing a demonstration with bullwhips. They live in Komárom and they have been working with bullwhips for 8 years. They have performed in numerous shows in Hungary and also on the Upper Hungary, Germany and England.

Pál Vojnits

The Classic Ease (ECL) as an expression, among others refers to the school our Italian friend, and mentor Massimo Basil created (Equitazione Classica in Legerezza)...