• We have some on-site accommodation available which will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.
  • There are unlimited camping spots available. We do not have any camping equipment; all equipment must be brought by the competitor themselves.
  • We have one large room in an outbuilding on the property. This room is a shared accommodation and contains 12 beds. Please bring your own bedding or sleeping bag.
  • There will be 9 large white tents that will act as shared accommodation on site. Each tent will contain 4-6 cots. Please bring your own mattress, bedding or sleeping bag. Instead of mattress, you can also sleep on hay.
  • There is a hotel located nearby, about four minutes drive from the competition site. The hotel has 27 rooms, 16 double bed rooms (French bed) and 11 three bed rooms (single bed with French bed).
  • Kara Hotel:
    Country: Hungary
    Postcode: 2013
    City: Pomáz
    Street: Beniczky út 63.
    Price per room :
    Single-room: 25€
    Double bed: 38€
    Three beds: 51€
  • If you prefer to stay in the hotel, please let us know the arrival/departure dates and we can help you with booking.
  • Transportation between competition site and local hotel as follows:
    From July 3rd - July 8th:
    7:30 in the morning (meet at the Reception) and back in the evening
  • We kindly ask you to inform us about your choice of accommodation in the registration form.

2. FOOD:

  • Three meals per day will be provided during the training camp and competition and are already included in the fees.
  • Outside the event dates as July 2nd, 3rd, and 9th, meals can be purchased on site at the following prices:
Breakfast: 6€
Lunch: 8€
Dinner: 6€
Daily: 20€


Horse rental:
  • We will have approximately 50 horses available for shared use by competitors.
  • The cost to rent a horse for the competition is 50€.
  • You may bring and use your own tack if it fits appropriately for your rented horse. If it does not fit or causes any physical or behavioral problems for the horse we will kindly ask you to use the horse’s usual tack. The health and well being of the horses comes first!
  • Horses will be assigned to riders based on the riders’ experience level and indicated speed preference as per the registration form.
  • July 4th will be open for competitors to ride and get familiar with their assigned horses.
  • If the selected horse does not match for some reasons, competitors may be granted the opportunity to try one other horse as recommended by the organizers.
For those bringing their own horses:
  • Horses may be kept onsite, fed and watered for no fee between July 3rd to 8th
  • If you choose to share your horse with other competitors, you will be paid a sum of 50€.
    rental fee for the use of your horse.
  • Horses will be kept in paddocks specially built for the event.
  • Horses may be kept together or in individual paddocks depending on your preference.
  • Hay and water will be provided for the duration of your stay. If your horse has any additional dietary requirements, please bring these items with you (grain, supplements, etc.)
    Third party service prices mentioned in this section are indicative prices.