Our aims to be achieved by organizing the championships:

With meeting the honorable invitation of the International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA), we are organizing the First Horseback Archery Open World Championships to hold a competition of great significance with respect to the Hungarian horseback archery traditions.

By integrating the various styles into one system of competition and bringing them into practice at a level of world championship, we are approaching the common aims of the Hungarian Horseback Archery Academy and the leadership of the International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA), namely the development of the horseback archery into an Olympic sport.

Through our competition we wish to facilitate our country’s becoming a significant factor of sport politics in respect of horseback archery.

We would like to provide an opportunity to our country to play the role of a connecting link between Europe and the Far East, thereby increasing our reputation and importance at an international level.

As a result of organizing the world championships, an increased interest in horseback archery is expected among the young, which may strengthen the national consciousness and the relation to our country by providing a combination of the respect of traditions, fighting and meaningful social life.

The revival of the traditional horseback archery cultures as a sport activity may become an excellent and attractive event for both domestic and international sport tourism. To this end, we would like to make the world championships even more attractive to the tourism by an accompanying cultural festival presenting the life of the Hungarian horse-riders, archers and horseback archers.

We would like the town of Pomáz to become a national and international sport center of horseback archery, and we also wish to create an opportunity of learning and practicing this traditional national sport for people living in the capital and its vicinity.

We ask for your indispensable assistance to achieve these aims!

Zoltán Némethy, President, Hungarian Horseback Archery Academy

Némethy Lovasíjász Akadémia