• This World Championship is organised according to the IHAA rules. By registering, the participants accept the rules. Participants should register in person or be registered by their authorised legal representatives.

  • The event organisation board declines any responsibility in case of accident.


    Every rider MUST have accident insurance, to cover potential injury to themself. Every rider or horse owner is liable for any damage caused to third parties by himself/herself, his/her employees, his/her grooms, as well as his/her horse. It is strongly recommended to have 3rd party liability insurance covering civil responsibility, covering international events, for every participant or horse owner. For this type of incident or damage the event organisers cannot be held responsible.


    The FEI passport is not compulsory if the horse is duly identified with a microchip and a national passport with the following information: identification number – or UELN number - identification diagram - owner’s information - vaccination against equine influenza which is not older than 6 months and negative blood test for equine infectious anemia that is not older than one year and negative blood test for glanders (malleus or Burkholderia mallei) that is not older than three years.


    An ambulance with medical personnel and a veterinarian will be onsite during competition hours should
    an emergency arise. A Farrier is available. All participants are responsible for their own personal safety and protection during stay/participation in the games. .